Book presentation at Péter Pázmány Catholic University

On 24th of January 2020 Fraknói Research Group and Medieval and Modern ages Church History Department of Theology Faculty organized a book presentation at Péter Pázmány Catholic University. The main goal of the occasion was to introduce the Theology Institute at Gyulafehérvár (Alba Iulia, R.) and his Church history workshop’s scientifical results.
In the first part of the event Edit Madas academic presented a series which contains 19 volumes about the famous and respected transylvanian bishop Áron Márton. 
Then Rev. Tamás Tóth secretary of Hungarian Catholic Bishops’ Conference and Rev. Máté Gárdonyi Church historian commended several books in the topic of history of Diocese of Transylvania. After that block Rev. Csaba Török summerized Rev. Dávid Diósi canon of Gyulafehérvár’s books about the relationship between the Church and postmodernism. The next lecture was holded by Rev. Zoltán Oláh who presented they project about Septuaginta translate. The last one was József Marton Provost of Gyulafehérvár, who summed up the Institue’s past and results and also the future’s tasks.
In his closing remarks Péter Tusor leader of the Fraknói Research Group highlighted the importance of the Institution at Gyulafehérvár, which is one of the last hungarian Institution in South Transylvania.