Book presentation at the University of Pécs

A book presentation was organised at the University of Pécs on 7 May 2019. The newly published book (edited by Tamás Fedeles, senior research fellow of the Fraknói Research Group) was presented by Norbert C. Tóth, and it contains the full studies of the lectures from the conference „King Mathias and the Church”, which has been organised last year with the contribution of the Fraknói Research Group. The book is also the tenth volume in the series Thesaurus Historiae Ecclesiasticae in Universitate Quinqueecclesiensi.
Just as on the conference, you can find studies in the compilation from several of our research group’s members: Péter Tusor, leader of the research group wrote about the Hungarian cardinal protectorate from the Hunyadi and Jagelló era; Tamás Fedeles on the Hungarian diplomats in the Holy See; and Terézia Horváth, assistant research fellow on the provosts of the collegiate chapter in Vasvár during the Hunyadi era.

In addition, two interesting projects were introduced at the event: the MTA–PTE–ELTE Hungarian Medieval Ecclesiastical Archontology Research Group 1000–1387 (leader: Márta Font); and the Diplomata Hungariae Antiquissima II. project (leader: Kornél Szovák).