Gábor Nemes has published a study in AHP

We are pleased to announce that Gábor Nemes research fellow of Fraknói Research Group has published a paper in Archivum Historiae Pontificiae. He isn’t the first Hungarian historian who published study in this remarkable journal. The great predecessors Pál Arató S.J., Lajos Pásztor and Gábor Adriányi after, nowadays Péter Tusor and András Fejérdy also published studies in AHP. 

Gábor Nemes’s paper in question describes the diplomatic activities of Cardinal Pietro Isvalies in Hungary between 1501 and 1503. This study is the newest milestone of the cooperation between Vilmos Fraknói Vatican Historical Research Group and Universitas Pontificia Gregoriana. See previous chapters on cooperation here + pictures and here, here and here.

Here you can reach Gábor Nemes's study in AHP: Cardinal Pietro Isvalies, the Bishop of Veszprém