Gli agenti presso la Santa Sede delle comunità e degli stati stranieri I. secoli XV-XVIII


International Symposium The Agents of Foreign Communities and European-American States in Rome was organized in Budapest from 27 to 28 September by the Fraknói Research Group and the University of Tuscia DISUCOM (Viterbo). Lectures at the symposium discussed the questions related to the agents who had represented their local church's affairs at the Holy See in the early modern period. After a year in last November  Fraknói Research Group and University of Tuscia DISUCOM presented their joint volume of studies in Rome namely Gli „angeli custodi” delle monarchia.

Nowadays mentioned above two instituts working together they share new common volume which is based on their last international conference at Istituto di Studi Romani in 2019. Edizioni Sette Cittá undertook to publish mentioned volumes in series Studi di Storia delle Istituzioni EcclesiasticheHere you can reach the newly published book.