La santa impresa. La crociata del papa in Ungheria - Presentation in Rome

After the presentation organised by the Fraknói Research Group in Budapest (January 2019), the new book of Giampiero Brunelli, professor of Universitá Telematica San Raffaele, was presented in Rome, 27 May in the conference hall of the Biblioteca di Storia Moderna e Contemporanea. The book is discussing the role of the papacy in the Long Turkish War in Hungary (1593–1606). The new volume was praised by Vincenzo Lavenia, associate professor of the University of Bologna, researcher of Italian church history in the early modern period, and Maria Antonietta Visceglia, professor of the Sapienzia University, researcher of Rome in the early modern period and the history of the pre-modern papacy. They emphasized that the book – which was based on a long and thorough archival research process – covers the history of the three campaigns during the war in a complex yet readable way. Pope Clement VIII, promoter of the campaigns, named the expulsion of Ottoman forces his most important duty, which his motto ("marciare verso Constantinopoli") reflects clearly.

The significance of the presentation to the Hungarian science community is based on the fact that Brunelli's work deals with a specifically Hungarian subject.