Memorial volumes from the Vatican Secret Archives

The international historian community of Rome could finally get to meet with the new monumental volumes "Incorrupta monumenta Ecclesiam defendunt" (Collectanea Archivi Vaticani 106107108109.) on 8 May 2019 at the Istituto Patristico Augustinianum in Rome. On the occasion of S.E.R. Sergio Pagano's (bishop-prefect of the Vatican Secret Archives) 70th birthday, the four new volumes got published, and they contain 206 studies on almost 3600 pages. The studies are organised thematically, and they were written by historians all around the world. Our research group contributed with three papers to this monumental work.

Péter Tusor: A Hungarian Bishop Before the Sacred Consistorial Congregation, 1911-1913 (With the Edition of the Hungarian “Reports about Modernism)

Tamás Fedeles: Ecclesiastical Career of the Apostolic Collector Petrus de Monasterio

Tamás Kruppa: Franciscans or Jesuits: Attempts to Resurrect Catholicism in Transylvania (1589-1592)

Full details of the mentioned book:

Incorrupta monumenta ecclesiam defendunt. Studi offerti a mons. Sergio Pagano, prefetto dell’Archivio Segreto Vaticano I–IV (Collectanea Archivi Vaticani 106–109), a cura di Andreas Gottsmann – Pierantonio Piatti – Andreas E. Rehberg, Città del Vaticano 2018.

vol. I. La Chiesa nella storia. Religione, cultura, costume (tom. 1–2), pp. XLVI, 1747. 

vol. II. Archivi, Archivistica, Diplomatica, Paleografia, pp. XVIII, 938.

vol. III. Inquisizione romana, Indice, Diplomazia pontificia, pp. XVIII, 704.

vol. IV. Indice generale, pp. XVIII, 339.