The Pázmány-record from 1616 at the Villa Aldobrandini in Frascati

Péter Tusor's book Péter Pázmány’s Process of Enquiry. His Family, Catholicisation, Missions was published as the second publication of the Fraknói Research Group.

One of the most exciting part of the Hungarian Vatican historical research is the discovery of the hidden sources beyond the collections of the Holy See and the national archives of Italy. One fresh example is the Pázmány-record, which contains the reports of the enquiry process after his appointment of archbishop of Esztergom, which can be found in the private collection of the Aldobrandini family near Rome, Frascati (Photos can be accessed here in the Repositorum.)

The result of the investigation of this new source is our newest book, which clarifies some previously long discussed questions about the carreer of Péter Pázmány, and it also contributes towards identity-specific studies about the founder of our university.

Full details of the book: 

Péter Pázmány’s Process of Enquiry. His Family, Catholicisation, Missions. (With the Papers of the Pázmány–Tholdy Archives). Revealed, translated and with accompanying study and documents edited by Péter Tusor. (Collectanea Vaticana Hungariae II/6), Budapest–Rome 2017.