Pius XII's opened fonds - Conference in Rome

L’apertura degli Archivi della Santa Sede per il pontificato di Pio XII (1939–1958)

Katalin Nagy's (Farknói Research Group) report



From 2nd of March 2020 Vatican Apostolic Archives’ fonds from pontificate of Pius XII (1939-1958) are avaible for researchers. Due to the openning on 21st of February Vatican Apostolic Archives organized an international conference namely L’Apertura degli Archivi della Santa Sede per il Pontificato di Pio XII (1939-1958) about the researcher’s opportunities in the newly opened fonds. Event was held in Istituto Patristico Augustinianum with more than 300 inquirings. The conference was opened by cardinal Pietro Parolin Secretary of State and after moderated by Paolo Vian vice-prefect of Apostolic Archives. During this historical conference numerous famous historian and archivist gave lectures and afforded hints for the researchers present. In his closing remarks Mons. Sergio Pagano highlighted the importance of ecclesiastical archives.