Lectures at Fraknói Summer Academy fasc. 2. 3. 4.


Since 2015 under the organisation of ’HAS–PPCU Lendület Research Group’ Fraknói Summer Academy have been existing. After 2017 the organizer institution of the Summer Academy has changed to ’HAS-PPCU Vilmos Fraknói Historical Research Group’. The Summer Academy’s main goal has always been to integrate the academic projects with the professional researching.

In order to integrate more efficiently a new sub-series has been launched in 2019 by Fraknói Research Group therefore publishing the latest results that are presented in the Summer Academy. The new subseries named ’Lectures on Fraknói Summer Academy’. In the first part Bitskey István’s lecture has been published named as 'Bishops in the border castle'.

This publication is now being followed by new ones by István Fazekas 'Bishops of Eger at the Court of Vienna (16th-17th centuries) and by Béla Vilmos Mihalik 'Milestones and turning points in the history of diocese of Eger (1699-1761)'  (CST III/34).

Last but not least Research Group has launched series Collectanea Vaticana Hungariae's third sub-series (CVH Classis III) with Krisztina Tóth's new research which was presented last year in Budaörs, 'Holy See and Trianon's ecclesiastical consequences'.

Next Summer Academy going to be organize in Győr and partly in Pannonhalma.