The 7th Fraknói Workshop Lecture – Life Interview with János Bergmann, Grand Provost of Kalocsa

On February 13, 2024, the Fraknói Workshop Lecture took place for the seventh time. At the beginning of the online event, Péter Tusor, the research group leader, greeted the participants, giving special recognition to János Bergmann, titular abbot and the current Grand Provost of the Cathedral Chapter of Kalocsa. Sági György, a scientific assistant of the research group, conducted a life interview with the retired parish priest from Bácsalmás on November 8, 2023, at the Archbishop's Palace in Kalocsa. In his introduction, Sági, similar to the leader of the research group, spoke about the usability of life interviews as oral history sources for historians. The interviewer also mentioned the previous application of this method in his research. The Workshop Lecture concluded with the screening of a segment from the interview. The full film is available on YouTube.


Lecture's ppt is available here