Presentation of Antonín Kalous' book at Eötvös Collegium in Budapest

After several years fruitful co-working between Fraknói Research Group and University of Olmütz on 15th of September 2021 joint book namely The Legation of Angelo Pecchinoli at the Court of the King of Hungary (1488–1490) by Antonín Kalous was presented at Eötvös Collegium in Budapest. Richárd Horváth and Nemes Gábor research fellow of Fraknói Research Group gave laudations to Antonín Kalous and his work. 

The present volume brings an edition of documents related to the legation of papal nuncio Angelo Pecchinoli, who travelled to the Hungarian royal court in 1488. He stayed at the court of Matthias Corvinus until the king’s death and followed closely the struggle for the throne of Hungary until the coronation of the new king, Wladislas II, in September 1490. The volume contains also an introductory study, which analyses all these aspects of the edited sources and sets them in general context of the times and of the papal government in late-medieval Europe.