Regesta Supplicationum - Third workshop of the Fraknói Research Group

The Fraknói Research Group held it's third workshop on 18 May 2018, where the new book Regesta Supplicationum was presented by the author, Bálint Lakatos. The book consists the supplications related to Hungarian cases which were sent to the Pope between 1522–1523.

Péter Tusor, leader of the research group, welcomed the audience, and he praised the volume's achievements and named it as a starting point for future research towards processing the Hungarian related supplications in the Vatican Secret Archives..

Bálint Lakatos, author of the book, introduced his research and the methodology he used to organise and process the overwhelming number of documents he faced. He pointed out that it will be necessary in the future to include more researchers in the subject, due to the sheer number of the sources.