Miklós Esty: History of the St Stephen Association (1951–1965)

tom. 2
Sági György

The arrangement of the legacy of Miklós Esty (1895–1973), a secular papal chamberlain and the administrator of the St Stephen Association between 1951 and 1973 delegated by the bench of bishops, was completed in 2015, which has been accomplished by György Sági. The digitalization and publishing of these diaries that contain many Roman references are in progress. Esty’s typed manuscript on the history of the Association in 1951–1965 survived in the legacy. This summarizing work, which was written based on the minutes of the Association, on other documents and notes, offers an insight into the probable most adverse period of the great St Stephen Association – that was established in 1848. The source-publication reflects upon how and in what circumstances did the St Stephen Association operate during the Rákosi- and Kádár-regime, when one could work for and serve the Hungarian Catholic culture only at the expense of huge difficulties.

György Sági wrote the introductory study for the manuscript by adding a note apparatus to the text. The Appendix includes the register of the Esty-legacy’s documents related to the St Stephen Association. The more important information of the volume is summarized at the end, after the Index, translated by Ágnes Gátas-Palotai.