Formularium Ecclesiae Strigoniensis - Introduction of the Fraknói Research Group in Rome

Our research group presented it's latest volume "Formularium Ecclesiae Strigoniensis" in Rome on 7 November 2018.

Editors of the book were cardinal Péter Erdő, Kornél Szovák and Péter Tusor. Contributors were Gábor Sarbak, Gyula Mayer, Terézia Horváth (assistant research fellow of the Fraknói Research Group), Ádám Porubszky (assistant research fellow), Viktor Kanász (asssitant research fellow), Krisztina Tóth (research fellow), Ágnes Gátas-Palotai (assistant research fellow), Szilvia Somogyi, and the MTA-ELTE-PPKE Research Centre for Ancient Studies.

The volume publishes two codices, the Beneéthy and the Nyásy-codex, which can be considered as the representations of the synthesis of the late Middle Ages ecclesiastical law. More information about the volume and parts of the book can be accessed here.