Lecture by Róbert Oláh P. at the meeting of the Hungarian Military Science Society

On February 8, 2024, Róbert Oláh P., a scientific assistant of the Fraknói Research Group, gave a presentation at the annual first meeting of the Intelligence History Section of the Hungarian Military Science Society. The title of his lecture was "Hungarian Ecclesiastical Representatives in Rome, 1607-1783." In his presentation, he showcased the historical development of the Hungarian agency in Rome during the 17th century. Following this, he conducted a detailed analysis of the three-decade-long activities of Ferenc Zichy, the Bishop of Győr (1743-1783), who employed agents in Rome during that period. As a conclusion, he specifically focused on analyzing the news value of letters sent from Rome to Győr during the 1769 conclave. The event took place at the Library of the State Security Archives (Állambiztonsági Levéltár - ÁBTL).