Naprághy 400 in Győr

Demeter Naprághy, Archbishop of Kalocsa (1608–1619) and bishop of Győr (1607–1619) was remembered at the conference "Labore et patientia", which was devoted to him in Győr, 16 May 2019 for the 400th anniversary of his death. The Archives of the Diocese of Győr, The Treasury and Library of the Diocese of Győr and the Fraknói Research Group organized the event with Gábor Nemes, research fellow of the Fraknói Research Group.

Dr András Veress, bishop of Győr, and László Rózsavölgyi, representative of the city of Győr greeted the audience and praised the event. They also emphasized that importance of Naprághy's legacy. After that, the first section started under the chairmanship of Péter Tusor, leader of the Fraknói Research Group. Tamás Kruppa, research fellow of the Research Group gave a lecture on the activity of the humanist bishop in Transylvania.

The agenda of the conference and the list of the many other lectures can be accessed here.